About Laurel

Working with some of the largest fashion houses in Europe in her early years Laurel developed some long lasting friendships, a refined sense of design, and an appreciation of classic styles. These experiences would play an important part in the creation of her design company.

Compassion, Creativity, and Consistency are words that can be used to define Laurel Beebe Barrack. These are the ways she lives her life, her work, and her philanthropic endeavors.

The rejuvenation of Costa Smeralda resort and its four hotels is one of the fondest projects done by Laurel Barrack Design. Overseeing the blending of two eras and respecting the natural beauty of the iconic Sardinia coastline, while gently pulling in modern amenities and style was a challenge. Reworking a classic design of a quintessential resort and bringing it into the new millennium was a challenge she accepted and succeeded at.

The renovation of her George Washington Smith estate in Santa Barbara County was another challenge where respecting the founder of the California Spanish Colonial movements’ intent and breathing new life to the home was met. Seamlessly expanding the floorpan to accommodate a modern family and making the home architecturally relevant for another 100 years.

Domaine du Sault near the Côte d’Azur is another notable property that required the unique skill set and abilities of Laurel Barrack Design. Staying true to an architects vision is one aspect of design, Domaine du Sault presented another challenge, staying true to the storied past of the this historical home. Not only was Le Sault once the summer home to the Bishop of Grasse but also home to Elsa Maxwell considered the eighth wonder of the world by George Bernard Shaw. Maxwell held gatherings at the home for Clark Gable, Tyrone Power and Duke and Duchess of Windsor among other notable post war celebrity and notables.

Philanthropic organizations have always been a priority in Laurel’s life. Over the years many organizations have become a greater focus both domestic and international. Laurel’s philanthropic support is wide and varied, the two that hold a special place in her heart are George Washington Smith’s Casa del Herrero, a historically significant landmark of Montecito. Considered by some to be the finest example of Spanish Colonial revival, is yet another philanthropic passion. Keeping this historical home in the nearly untouched condition to preserve the California Spanish Revival for the next generations.

Internationally, Ms. Beebe Barrack is a long time supporter of and Patron to the Friends of Florence, which is a organization devoted to funding laboratories and preservationist committed to the survival
and preservation of the art and architecture of Florence. Friends of FAI is another non profit that focuses on preserving the art, architecture of significance historical importance in Italy.

As Laurel has discovered new passions, new interests and rediscovered old ones, she continues to apply the qualities that have been a constant in her life. Finding a creative way to bring architectural classic in to the modern era. Showing compassion for an artist no longer in season and helping to preserve that work for a day when it will be recognized, or supporting the funding of the preservation of great architectural wonders.